Green Cleaning Products That Are Safe to Use Around Newborn Babies

Green Cleaning Products That Are Safe to Use Around Newborn Babies

Super Mom’s Top Green Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning Products are something that is misunderstood, and I want to just break it down for you as a mom of two premature babies.  Having a new baby is stressful, especially for a new mom.  When I first became a mother I had to learn how to manage the home with a new baby running around, and the last thing I wanted was to cause any harm to my newborn baby.  That’s why I opted to go chemical free by using green cleaning products.  I am going to let you know that most of the cleaners that I use at home are homemade or are made from very simple green cleaning products

Keep in mind some of these are homemade household cleaning products hacks, and some are products we love and use often.

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap

dr. bronner's natural cleaners

I love Dr. Bronner’s, I repeat LOVE.  Put this diluted in a pump foaming bottle and you are good to go.  We use this for our cleaning clients that want to green clean, and at home for almost anything.  I have it in all of my bathrooms as a soap pump, and in our kitchen as well.  It’s also pretty good for those tough stains.

I opt to use a soap pump because Dr. Bronner’s is strong, and you can use too much if it’s not diluted.  Dr. Bronners is one of our favorite green cleaning products.

Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers cleaning solutions

I really enjoy Mrs. Meyer’s products.  For basic wipe downs, I use the concentrate and dilute it and put it into a spray bottle.  This I find much more effective, and better on our wallet.

Bathroom Shower Scrubber (Vinegar and Dish soap)

vinegar and dishsoap

This cleaner is definitely one of my favorite homemade hacks, and I had to mention it because I love using it so much.  Often we feel that we need to go a bit more industrial when we are cleaning the bathrooms but it simply isn’t the case.  Vinegar is a great disinfectant, and it can help you when you need to get some more action against germs.

That sums up our list of awesome green cleaning products that we love.

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