Why I Definitely Needed To Hire a Maid Service

Why I Definitely Needed To Hire a Maid Service

As a mother with 4 children at home and a business to run, I simply don’t have enough time to clean my own home.  So, I opted to hire a maid service.

You see, I wish cleaning was fun… but it’s not.  That’s why there are professional cleaning services.  In all honesty, life is too short to spend 2 hours a day cleaning your home just to make it look decent for unexpected (or expected) guests.

Why Hire a Maid Service?

If you are anything like me, I nearly faint with the thought that someone may show up unannounced to see my living room upside down with children toys, shoe piles at the door and a rogue coffee cup on the floor that I forgot whilst putting my shoes on this morning.

To hire a cleaning lady or not to hire a cleaning lady, that is the question. I like to believe that I can handle my household messes Han-solo. Unfortunately, I am frequently reminded that I just have too many important things to occupy my time. There’s physical therapy for the 1-year-old, alphabet lessons for the 2-year-old, reading lessons for the 7-year-old, and spending time with the spouse. The list is never-ending.

So I have decided it is necessary to hire out on the cleaning tasks. Even if we pay as high as $50 an hour to hire a maid service, (although it doesn’t cost nearly this much) it would be worth it. A tutor charges $60 an hour, but I would never consider teaching my child worthless. How much is your time worth with your children who will never be this small again? I’d prefer spending my time with them rather than cleaning. You will never get the time back that you didn’t spend with them. Furthermore, how much is your sanity worth? I dare not answer that question. What would you use that extra 2 hours a day for?

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