My Vacuum Doesn’t Suck!

My Vacuum Doesn’t Suck!

Even if you have signed up with Super Gleam for our bi-weekly home cleaning service, you may find yourself in need for between cleaning touch-ups. Maybe your darling child completely missed the bowl with his Frosted Flakes then crushed them into the carpet in his attempts to ‘help’ clean up. That mess isn’t going to wait until your Tuesday cleaning service – it needs to go NOW. So, you pull out your vacuum only to realize it’s not quite sucking like it used to and is leaving quite the literal crumb trail.


So now it is time for a new vacuum, but with the 1000s of available options on the market that all claim to be the #1 vacuum around, how do you know you are getting one that will suck up the mess without cleaning out your wallet?

Well, the professionals at Super Gleam are here to help you decide which one may best suit your needs for quick effortless spot cleaning. But first – a word from Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link show off quite a few excellent machines, the final 2 contenders (and some of our favorites!) in the show down were the Bissell Zing and the Dyson V7 Motorhead (upgraded pet hair version here).


Both are amazing options due to mobility, usage, size, weight and doing a decent job of suctioning up stuff with little effort, but there are some mega pros and cons to both vacuums, which we have outlined in this article.

Vacuum #1 – The Bissell Zing

We will start with the Bissell Zing. The Zing, while not perfect, managed to beat out a decent list of much higher priced competitors, and is definitely the way to go if your you need to stay within a small budget, priced at a very affordable $49.99.

The Zing is a corded hose and canister vacuum which allows for you took get into nooks and crannies easier, and depending on outlet location even allow you to vacuum the stairs without having to continuously support the weight of the vacuum. The cannister only weighs about 10 pounds and carries a decent load from both hard and soft surface types. It’s suction does a pretty good job for small particles, and seems to do great for bigger particles also so long as they aren’t on an odd service. It’s downsides being that it lacks full mobility, and if you need more than 16’ of cord your pretty much out of luck, and lacks many attachments that have in recent years become a sort of standard on pricier models and if  you have very funky carpeting it may not do an amazing job for chunky messes.

Vacuum #2 – The Dyson V7 MotorHead

The other main contender would be the Dyson V7 MotorHead. Which while it does a pretty amazing job for being both cordless and light weight, is a possibly hefty $299-$329 depending on whether you get the original version or the upgraded pet version. The mega pro’s of the Dyson V7 vacuum is the fact that it is extra light weight, and cordless. Meaning you, or even a child can pretty much carry it anywhere to clean up any mess with very little effort. It works well on all surfaces, and is surprisingly ridiculously gently, which would allow cleanup up of more delicate items like the lace doily that your grandmother made and the cat decided to lovingly sleep on.

The mega cons to the Dyson V7 would be the fact that the canister is relatively small which means that if there is a large mess to clean up, you could potentially have to empty it a few times before completing the chore. A noteworthy mention is that if you don’t think you will remember to place it on it’s charging dock when done, this is definitely not the vacuum for you. A dead vacuum won’t be helping you with anything. This Dyson vacuum has a run time of between 15-20 minutes depending on whether or not if you are vacuuming carpets or hardwood.


The Bissell Zing and Dyson V7 MotorHead are definitely the best for quick spot clean ups between cleaning services, but if your looking for something heavier duty to just handle the full clean yourself, I would have to recommend the Kenmore Elite 31230 or the Dyson Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum.

Vacuum #3 – The Kenmore Elite 31230vacuum cleaner

The Kenmore Elite 31230, while large with limited maneuverability has amazing suction and will make the majority suction through  your main floors with ease. The Kenmore Elite is a medium ranged price of $229. It has some helpful attachments, a decent sized canister, and a decent cord length. However, do to its size and weight, doing stairs is probably a pain like many standard upright canisters, and it has a filter that requires the allergens to be rinsed from it periodically to keep optimal airflow. It is also kinda bulky without any adjustments to the main bend to allow for easier cleaning.

Bonus Pick – The Dyson Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

The Dyson Big Ball Animal Upright Vacuum a bonus pick from us here at Super Gleam. It is a high end machine with a price tag that matches it’s high quality, priced at $449. It’s a pretty big investment, but many clients own it’s older models and have had zero issues with it for 10+ years.  The Dyson Ball is like the much bigger brother vacuum to the Dyson V7. Has amazing suction, and as far as standard sized vacuums go, it has very good mobility. The large ball by its base allows it to swivel and turn in tighter spaces like under dining room chairs and sofa edges.  It has a nice hose length and a much broader range of included attachments to help your overall vacuuming and dusting needs.

The mega cons for it, like the Kenmore Elite, is the fact that standard vacuums can be a pain on the stairs, however the Dyson Ball has a longer attached cord which should allow you to reach a few more stairs prior to moving it to the next few steps. The other major con is the price. Although, selecting a dyson certified refurbished, or hitting Dyson’s black friday sales can easily take the price down to the mid $200 range though if your pretty set on one, but hesitating because of the price tag.


We hope this article and video have helped you make a choice for your next vacuum investment. Sign up for periodic cleaning with Super Gleam, so we can clean and you don’t have to!

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