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Floor care, Resurfacing, and Stripping & Waxing

Floor stripping and waxing is an essential part of keeping your floor in good condition.  As a family owned business in Cedar Rapids, Super Gleam is dedicated to providing various services for private homes and commercial businesses.  We are a premier provider for floor stripping and waxing for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Vinton, Marion, Coralville, and Waterloo areas. Having a floor looked at every year makes it so that any stubborn stains are out of the way so that space looks professional and sparkling clean.

Regularly waxing and stripping floors helps maintain the floors cleanliness and keeps the quality of the floor’s material looking pristine. This is especially important when it comes to hardwood floors. Scuffed up dirty wooden floors often clash with décor, especially if you have a business with clean and inviting furniture but a dirty old floor underneath. People will also walk and drag things all over a floor regularly regardless of whether it’s in a home or business, so regular stripping and waxing will help maintain it’s quality. Regular upkeep is also a lot less costly than having to replace large amounts of a floor due to wear and tear.

When it comes to wooden floors stripping and waxing gets out the build up of dirt and grime that may break down the wood. The regular maintenance will also keep out moisture from the wood, which will avoid a lot of potential damage. Having a layer of wax will also make it easier to mop and sweep away any dirt that gets on the floor without much hassle.

For all your floor maintenance and cleanliness needs, consider Super Gleam. And if you’d like a free quote for the floor that you’d like waxed, go on our website and plug in your information. We look forward to helping you achieve the cleanliness you deserve.

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