Your Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Your Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving out cleaning checklistAfter giving your notice of leave and signing pages upon pages of paperwork that require what seems like endless signatures and initials, you’re finally moving on to a new home or apartment! You’re excited, but now you are wondering how you will get this entire place looking fresh again? It is when you are preparing to leave a home that you truly notice the state it is in. Making sure your previous home looks its best for move-out is the simplest way to ensure you receive most, if not all, of your deposit back. It also helps ensure the move goes without a hitch and the home is ready for the next tenant. It is only when all the pictures come down off of the walls and the furniture is gone that all of the stains, dents, dirt, grime and other overlooked imperfections reveal themselves. We created this moving out cleaning checklist to help you target the right areas for your move out inspection.

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

Some properties may not ask you to clean, others may ask that you perform a light cleaning (with a paid cleaning company on hand to take care of the rest) but there are communities who require a thorough cleaning of the space. If the latter is you, your standard I’m Moving Out and Moving On checklist might appear as follows

1.If you’ve painted your home, prime the walls!

Painting and priming the walls may not seem like it should be part of a moving out cleaning checklist, but it is extremely important if you have hung pictures or changed the color of the walls when you moved in. An eggshell white is a safe shade to use, for example. Most places will add a coat to the walls to cover any unseemly blemishes or pinholes. Even if you haven’t painted your home, you can throw another coat of paint onto your already-white walls to give them a cleaner look. This also includes your baseboards and/or crown molding.

2. Grab a duster and dust (everything)

One of the easier items on our moving out cleaning checklist is dusting. Don’t neglect the space between the oven and fridge or the corners of the walls- any and every space should be accounted for. A task such as this that takes very little manpower can go a long way. If needed, grab a step stool to help get to the harder to reach areas such as ceiling fans

3. Include all major appliances in your moving out cleaning

Give your refrigerator a deep scrubbing, wipe out any drippings and stains including on the rack, doors, and various compartments. The surface of your oven may be clean, but check the oven floor and the drip pans on the stove. After running a self-clean and applying a little elbow grease, your oven and the rest of your appliances will be ready for a new user. Don’t forget to check inside the washer and dryer for any lint or missing socks!

4. Clean out cabinets

For those of us who are vertically challenged, being able to see into the depths of your kitchen cabinets is a privilege and not a right. However, you will still need to remove anything left in the cabinet. Give your cabinets a thorough once over with a rag dampened with disinfectant and allow it to dry for best results. Reminder: Always use protective gloves if you use harsh chemicals for cleaning. 

5. Clean sinks & countertops

Rinse and clean it out, take care of water spots and clear the countertops. Be sure you’re using products that won’t harm the integrity of the counter. If you’re unsure, test a small spot on the surface first or consult with a professional. For good measure, throw a Sani stick down the sink after cleaning to take care of any lingering smells, it is biodegradable and will keep the sink clog and odor free

6. Scrub toilets

Here’s the one we always try to avoid. Yes, its gross sometimes. But is it necessary? Absolutely. And yes, clean the WHOLE toilet. Lift the lid, the base, underneath the lip, you should also check the tank just to be certain everything is copacetic.

7. Vacuum and sweep all floors

It may be necessary to deep clean the carpets, especially if you’ve got a furry companion in the home. Aside from unsightly lingering pet, the new tenant may have allergies, so be conscious as to not leave those allergens behind when you move.

To go the extra mile, some folks may even take to giving the windows a once-over with a product such as Windex to ensure every surface has been accounted for. After covering all of your bases, dotting all of your cleaning I’s and crossing all of your T’s, you’re finally ready to hand over your keys and start your new journey in your new home.

Happy cleaning!

Not much of a do-it-yourselfer? Give the Super Gleam Team a call! We will get your home or apartment sparkling in time for your move out inspection.

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